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Messianic Struggle:

The Worldwide Struggle for a Good and Secure Life for All, Here and Now


Main Chapters

 2   Social Responsibility, Profits and Social Accountability. Icidents, Disasters and Catastrophes. The Worldwide Struggle for Social Accountability. Community Aims and Community Leadership.
 3   Work and Pay, Incomes and Differentials: Employer, Employee and Community
 4   The Right to Strike
 5   Reorganising the National Health Service: An Evaluation of the Griffiths Report
 6   Community Economics: Principles
 7   Social Responsibility and Accountability: Summary
 8   The World at War! Multinational (Global) Operations, and Government Of, By, and For the People: Democracy Under Attack: The Struggle for the Right to take the Decisions, and for Social Accountability
 9   The choice is yours: Unemployment, Charitable Social Security and Today's Religious Teachings or High Standard of Living, Satisfying Work and a Good Life, as God-given rights
 10   Creationism and Intelligent Design, Evolution, Education or Indoctrination
 11   The Way Ahead: Policies for a Better Future
 12   The Global (Worldwide) Struggle for a Better Life and The Root of all Evil, the Source of All Good, and the Messianic Struggle
 13   Faith and Trust in God, No Matter by What Name called
ISBN 978-0-85192-059-7  Paperback   306 pages  
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