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Manfred Davidmann is an internationally well-known and respected scientist and consultant, and author of a number of books and reports which have had and are having considerable impact, playing their part in improving the quality of life and the standard of living, worldwide. His work usually breaks new ground and opens up new understanding and is written in meaningful and easily understood language. Outstanding is that his work is generally accepted as factual, objective and unbiased.

More than 6,7 million copies of his reports have been downloaded from the Solhaam website so far and have changed the way in which people live, think and behave.


1     ISLAM: Basis - Past - Present - Future
2   God and People: The Social Laws and Social System Underlying Judaism, Christianity, Islam and Democracy
Group Minds in Action: How the Human Group Mind
Shapes the Quality of Our Life and Living

Causes of Failure, Guidelines for Success

5   Management and Leadership:
Local, National, Multinational (Global), Principles and Practice

6   The Real World in Which We Live:
The Social Rules and Social System under Which We Suffer, Struggle, Survive and Prosper

7   Messianic Struggle: The Worldwide Struggle for a Good and Secure Life for All, Here and Now
8   Judaism: Basis - Past - Present - Future, Part 1
9   Judaism: Basis - Past - Present - Future, Part 2
10   Christianity: Basis - Past - Present - Future
11   Towards a Better Future
12   Chemical Engineering, Chemical Plant Contracting,
Chemical Industry.
Work and Pay, Work and Remuneration of Directors,
Community Leadership and Management

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