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Manfred Davidmann is an internationally well-known and respected scientist and consultant, and author of a number of books and reports which have had and are having considerable impact, playing their part in improving the quality of life and the standard of living, worldwide. His work usually breaks new ground and opens up new understanding and is written in meaningful and easily understood language. Outstanding is that his work is generally accepted as factual, objective and unbiased.

More than 7 million copies of his reports have been downloaded from the Solhaam website so far, and have changed and are changing the way in which people live, think and behave.

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'Applied Science: Group Minds in Action'

When Manfred Davidmann first announced his Group Mind Theory in 1973, this theory and his concepts and terms such as 'group minds', were completely new and unheard of. The second edition was published in 1998 and made available on the internet in 1999.

His human group minds and how they function, that is the Group Mind Science he originated, are now widely quoted and discussed, have sprouted a whole literature about group minds ranging from publications of scientific institutions and in reference books, to unscientific misleading look-alikes about human minds.

Manfred Davidmann's Group Mind Science represents substantial beneficial healing powers. Following the work of Freud and Jung, it is regarded as scientifically proved, as meaningful, objective and practical, as applying worldwide to all human beings in all societies and cultures and at all stages of development.

In 'The Human Group Mind and How It Works', Manfred Davidmann outlines, describes, uncovers and proves the subconscious existence and workings of group minds by the extraordinary way in which they affect and determine what individuals and communities do. This is shown to explain how human communities and society are organised and function, countrywide and worldwide, and consequent confrontations and struggles from dictatorship to democracy. We are here looking at what motivates and drives human beings, seeing how the mind shapes the way in which we live, suffer, struggle and achieve.

Included in the report are comprehensive but concise reviews of mental health and mental illness. There are sections which discuss how conflict arises within the mind, dominance, conflict, co-operation and non-conformity, as well as sections about creativity, telepathic activities and hearing voices. And the mind theories of Freud and of Jung are reviewed.

Telepathic activity is well known and documented. A considerable amount of telepathic activity is taking place and such activities can be observed by their effects. Group Mind Science allows for telepathic activities.

Manfred Davidmann proved his Group Mind Science by the way in which it explains and predicts human activities and organisation as well as the mental problems of individuals and society's social problems. Its insights enable us to solve such problems effectively.


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The Human Group Mind and How It Works

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The Human Group Mind and How It Works   Shows that telepathic activity is well known and documented. Outlines and describes the 'Group Mind' theory. Discusses how conflict arises within the mind, mental health and illness, dominance, creativity and hearing voices. Describes how our minds shape our lives, communities and society. See 'Press Notices'.

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