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National Accounts: Balancing Income and Expenditure


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National Accounts: Balancing Income and Expenditure

Theme 'General Interest Rates, Share Prices and Pensions' showed that when interest rates increase then share prices fall. Hence government is under pressure to keep interest rates low.

However, if the country is failing to make ends meet, then short-term borrowing is a convenient way of raising the required funds for paying one's debts but interest rates increase accordingly.

Share prices then drop and the house of cards consisting of fictitious share values faces collapse.

And governments are not informing their populations of the enormous costs of importing sources of energy, are apparently trying hard to keep interest rates level or low, are attempting to balance national accounts by means other than short-term borrowing.

Means corresponding, for example, to selling the family silver or taking out a mortgage, like selling ownership or majority control of one's major productive and service assets into foreign control.

For a full statement and discussion of the alternative ways of balancing national accounts, in meaningful language and with clear diagrams and illustrations, see the report
Inflation, Balance of Payments and Currency Exchange Rates
(Including: Quality of National and Local Government and Worldwide Inequality)
by Manfred Davidmann

This report about National Accounts and the national Balance of Payments, in effect about good national financial management, was published in 1981. Its analysis and methodology are now widely accepted, world-wide, and can be of enormous help when considering the causes and effects of the US financial crisis.

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Inflation, Balance of Payments and Currency Exchange Rates   Describes, reviews and illustrates the underlying relationships. How inflation affects currency exchange rates and trade. How interest rates determine share prices and pensions, and thus also the extent to which pension funds are in surplus or underfunded. Discusses multinational operations such as transfer pricing, inflation's burdens and worldwide inequality. Clear diagrams and worked examples.
See 'Press Notices'.

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