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Faith and Trust in God, No Matter by What Name called

Continuously there is the race against the enemy within <1> who would separate, engulf and destroy some or all of us the human beings on this our planet and thus we listen at all times to the ticking of the clock denoting the passage of time which is either used to further our purpose or else is irretrievably lost.

This is a matter of survival, of hard work, of strain and effort, to succeed in our endeavour. And to this end we work together, all of us, human beings, proud and erect, hand in hand, irrespective of our creed or religion, the colour of our skin, the shape of our eyes, or where we happen to live, for freedom and humanity.

We climb together through mists of uncertainty, guided by our Elders <2>.

Our Elders impress upon their people the need to act, having been charged by all our people with doing this effectively.

In the history of any or all of our people:
Whenever the guidance of the Elders has been ignored, the most terrible consequences have always followed.

We place our faith and trust in God, no matter by what name called, and in all our people all over the planet.

We are guided ably and powerfully and for this we are truly grateful.

God helps and protects those who act for God and people.

God acts when people act for God and people.

When people do not act for God and people, then God withdraws his protection from them.

Ideas, inspirations and voices are intended to guide or lead astray, to help or betray.

Beast eats beast. You cannot trust manipulating slave owners or slave drivers and cannot trust that which originates from them.

When in doubt one must do that which is right (humane, good, caring, putting people first).


Beasts have continued to disown you, and they have continued to disown me,

but I have the sure knowledge that they will be weak and fall by the wayside,
while we will be strong, survive and succeed.

Their idols of wood, stone and plastic, of concrete and steel, of flesh and bones,
their golden calves,
cannot guide them or save them.

Every time they open their mouths they condemn themselves.

Whenever life has been so tough in the past then I have been very close to, almost immediately before, a major breakthrough or success.

And God has always turned tough situations into gains and advances in unexpected directions.


See my loneliness
See my isolation
See how my time has been wasted instead of teaching your laws in your name.

Stand by me and guide me.

Those who argue against me argue against God,
those who are against me are against God
and will suffer the inevitable consequences,
will not be listened to, will lose what influence they have, will not learn nor teach what little they will know or remember.


In you we trust.
Guide us in our hours of need,
show us the way to freedom.

We struggle to re-establish your law
so that all people can be freed
and gain strength and good life.

If we fail again this time, then the Covenant would be broken completely and irredeemably.
If I were to fail then mankind would rapidly destroy itself.
Hence I cannot and will not fail.
This is a battle we simply have to and therefore will win.

If I do not succeed then this planet will be rendered uninhabitable for human beings of any shape or kind including manipulating beasts in human form.

But always there is the race against time which is either used to achieve our aims or else is irretrievably lost.

Stand Up and Be Counted

When people do not act for God and people,
then God withdraws his protection from them.
The consequences cannot be avoided.

But God helps, protects and rewards manifold those who act for God and people.

This is a matter of survival, of hard work, of strain and effort, to succeed in our endeavour. And to this end we work together, all of us, human beings, proud and erect, hand in hand, irrespective of our creed or religion, the colour of our skin, the shape of our eyes, or where we happen to live, for freedom and humanity.

Notes <..>

<1>   The enemy within, that is a manipulating ruling class or slave-driving manipulators.
<2>   Our Elders are known only by God and serve God and people, remain unknown to human beings.

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The reports are comprehensive and usually some years ahead of current knowledge at the time of publication.

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The Will to Work: What People Struggle to Achieve    Major review, analysis and report about motivation and motivating. Covers remuneration and job satisfaction as well as the factors which motivate. Develops a clear definition of 'motivation'. Lists what people are striving and struggling to achieve, and progress made, in corporations, communities, countries.
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