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Manfred Davidmann's publications about Chemical Engineering and Industry, Work and Pay, Leadership and Management are based on his social and economic research, and on his expert knowledge and professional experience.

The author defines line and functional relationships. He illustrates the application of the Management Teamwork (MTW) technique. He provides basis and method for objectively assessing pay and differentials at all levels for any country as a whole and between countries. He describes his Salary Administration and Manpower Planning technique (SAMP) and its use. He shows how incomes are changing, how additional purchasing power is being shared out among the population, and he states why differentials and poverty are increasing. And the author discusses directing, planning ahead, adapting to change, responsibility, motivating and motivation, remuneration, fringe benefits and profit sharing.

Manfred Davidmann provided consultancy services to achieve increasing productivity, company development and performance, effective organisation and teamwork.

Manfred Davidmann's original printed works were scanned for publication.

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Chemical Engineering

Chemical Plant Contracting; Chemical Industry; Management

Work and Pay

Work and Remuneration of Directors

Community Leadership and Management

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Manfred Davidmann

Manfred Davidmann is an internationally well-known and respected scientist and consultant, and author of a number of books and reports which have had and are having considerable impact, playing their part in improving the quality of life and the standard of living, worldwide. His work usually breaks new ground and opens up new understanding and is written in meaningful and easily understood language. Outstanding is that his work is generally accepted as factual, objective and unbiased. His work changed and is changing the way in which people live, think and behave.

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