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Faith and Prayer


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Faith and Prayer

Continuously there is the race against the enemy within <2> who would separate, engulf and destroy some or all of us the human beings on this our planet and thus we listen at all times to the ticking of the clock denoting the passage of time which is either used to further our purpose or else is irretrievably lost.

So always there is the race against time which is either used to achieve our aims or else is irretrievably lost.

Stand up and be counted.

When people do not act for God and people,
then God withdraws his protection from them.
The consequences cannot be avoided.

But God helps, protects and rewards manifold those who act for God and people.

This is a matter of survival, of hard work, of strain and effort, to succeed in our endeavour. And to this end we work together, all of us, human beings, proud and erect, hand in hand, irrespective of our creed or religion, the colour of our skin, the shape of our eyes, or where we happen to live,

for freedom and humanity.

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<1>   From Faith and Trust in God, No Matter by What Name called
<2>   The enemy within, that is a manipulating ruling class or slave-driving manipulators.

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The God-given Human Rights, Social Laws and Social System   A comprehensive statement of the God-given human rights which underlie all freedom, liberty and independence. They underlie and determine a good life of high quality. See 'Press Notices'.

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